Few words about Dr. Daljit Singh

Date of birth: 11th Oct.  1934

Educated in Khalsa School and Khalsa College, Amritsar
Medical College, Amritsar


M.B.B.S: 1956
D.O.M.S.: 1969
M.S. (Ophthalmology): 1963
D.Sc. (Honorary) 1992

Professional experience:

In the field of Ophthalmology: 54 years.
Primary Health Center, Sidhwan Bet, Ludhiana- 2.5 years
On the faculty of Medical College Amritsar and Patiala : 23 years.
Professor emeritus since 1986

PREFACE —Richard Fugo (Dr.)

It is a great honor to be asked by Dr Singh to write the preface of his textbook. However, this first statement is followed by a very somber “HOWEVER”! Moreover, this bold “however” underscores the fact that Dr Singh and I are writing about the most secretive, most powerful group of people who have walked the earth over the last several centuries. Over the centuries ,these people have progressively built enormous  wealth and power by corruption, violence and inbreeding. These people have demonstrated repeatedly that they will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals of world domination and complete control of the human race. They have been responsible for the murder of hundreds of millions …yes, millions over the centuries. This may sound over dramatic and perhaps unbelievable. Now, I don’t mind you questioning the validity of the above statements, the sanity of the above statements or even the reality of the above statements. However, I do request that you finish reading the materials that we present herein ! That is what I ask of you.  You  may  ask why this material is infrequently discussed in ALL mainstream media ...CNN,FOX NEWS, BBC, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, etc. This is certainly a fair question .But, you will see that this has been a massively funded effort that began back over the centuries ( 1 ).  I have friends who will say that massive info deception is impossible.  How could it be that we have not heard this on the nightly news? I recently wrote a letter to an editor of the Wall Street Journal  regarding an editorial on Ron Paul and stated that she is either a fool, easily mislead or completely corrupt. And, I believe that most of these individuals  in mainstream  media operate off of sheer greed since they must know what they are reporting is truly  fabricated news ( 2 ).  Judge Napolitano  had the most popular show on Fox Business News but his show was suddenly canceled when he aired a stunning report .(YouTube: “Judge Napolitano:How to get fired from Fox Business in under 5 min” ;  YouTube : “Judge Napolitano: Final Word on the last episode of Freedom Watch”). Please go to YouTube and watch these videos about Judge Napolitano! Like Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano is an honest, honorable, patriot who wishes to treat the entire world fairly and with kindness.

FOREWARD - Daljit Singh

Newspapers, radio and television today control the ability of logical assessment of lakhs even crores of people. We mindlessly use these facilities and never think that endeavours from all sides are being made to weave a web round our thoughts. Many times, what we term as the truth according to our thinking, may be a pack of lies. The creators of such lies, with a special purpose, have complete control over the newspapers, books, films and TV channels of the world! Only that truth can reach us which is approved by them. Perhaps every person needs to take a revolutionary step to free our thoughts from the web of lies and cast a fresh glance over the earth and life!
Common man busy in his daily routine can only cast a cursory glance on headlines of national or international news. He becomes aware only if there is apprehension of some direct impact of those news on his own self. All news are forgotten in seconds, minutes, sometimes hours and their place is taken by new news! A common reader does not bother about the authenticity or falsehood of any news. If a news is paraded in front of the eyes repeatedly as headline, it seems to be  the truth and gets fixated in the human mind. One never feels the urge to question it. Many such news remain in our mind and become a kind of touchstone for our logical, thinking prowess. We tend to assess and understand day to day incidents with reference to this touchstone.


Who doesn’t like sweetness? This sweetness is available in fruit. The fruit without sweetness is known as the vegetable which we cook with lots of herbs and spices. But man becomes excited at the very sight of a fully ripe, sweet fruit. There is an unlimited variety of fruit as well as mixtures of sugar available. The sugar we use every day comes not from fruit but from the stem of a plant –the juicy sugarcane. Similar form of sugar can be obtained from dates and beetroot– the chemical name is ‘sucrose’. The function of liver in human body is to convert it into glucose and glycogen in order to store and use. The main / chief source of sugar in one’s diet is carbohydrates which our liver can break up to form glucose. This is supplied through our blood stream and used by every cell of our body. Generally the glucose quantity in our blood is 80-120 mg percent.
Excess food / diet are deposited in our body in form of fat. Diabetic patients have increased quantity of glucose in their blood. There should be a balanced amount of glucose in our blood; very low or very high quantity can lead to unconsciousness and there can be danger of death too!
Every diabetic patient, every person scared of diabetics or obesity as well as really obese people prefer to use ‘sugar free’ sugar to get rid of their weight apprehension.


 There is a large picture / photograph in my room used for outpatients in my hospital . It shows two towers. Thick black smoke is rising from the upper part of one tower in the direction of the sky. There is an aircraft in front of the second tower at an angle which makes one sure it is going to ram into the tower. I have written on this photograph. “What is wrong in this photograph?” It is the photograph of World Trade Center’s Twin Tower and the aircraft is said to be the one hijacked by terrorists hailing from Saudi Arabia. They took over the control from the pilot and in a suicidal attack rammed the air-craft along with all passengers into the Twin Towers. With this impact fire broke out in 110 storey, sky scrapping building which raged for more than 30 minutes and then the building became so feeble that in less than 10 seconds it was reduced to ruins. The other Tower too which seemed to be earlier hit by an aircraft like object fell down in 10 seconds or even less.

Remembering Hiroshima Date: 6th Aug, time 8:15

A few years back I went to visit an aircraft museum near Washington air port. An American B-29 bomber aircraft called Enola Gay is on display here. This is the name of the loving mother whose pilot son by the order of American President Truman had dropped an atom bomb on 6 aug, 1945 on Hiroshima, a city of Japan. About 2 kms away from the site of bomb explosion was standing a priest whose watch in his pocket stopped working precisely at the time of explosion and is a historic proof of that fateful moment.
Hiroshima was not a military town. Bombing it was horrific scheme to totally destroy the city , put to death the entire civilian population in the blink of an eyelid and thus terrorize the whole world! This is not something new from America. On 13th April, 1945 America along with Great Britian kept firebombing Dresden, a never before attacked city of Germany, the whole night. That night over a hundred thousand civilians and refugees were burnt alive. Dresden was a cultured center, and a totally non-military target.


U.S.A. and its allies (“coalition of the willing”) invaded Iraq and took over its control with so called ‘good intentions’. Some of them are as follows:-
     Sadam Hussain, the president of Iraq is a very dangerous man who has to be removed and the process of democracy to be initiated so that there is a glimmer of enlightened thought in central Asia’s mindset.
     Sadam Hussain has very dangerous chemical, bioligical and atomic weapons of mass destruction which he plans to use for attack on western countries. He supported al-Qaida outfit and Bin Laden, as a result twin towers of New York were blown away on 11 Sept 2001
     The propaganda was that the common people of Iraq wish that American army should liberate them from the cluches of Sadam in Iraq and they wanted to shower flowers on victorious American army to express their happiness.
Press of the entire world, editorials, main articles and TV channels become mouthpiece of U.S. Goverment. This befooled many people who lent full support and thus “fulfilled their moral duty.” If there was dissent by people parties or governments, the media never aired / covered any such dissent.

Let’s Remember New York, Sept 11, 2001

A horrible chapter of history was written on 11 Sept, 2001 morning. A mosquito sized ‘aircraft’ with a palmful of fuel managed to strike world’s most well known building, The World Trade Center. After a while another tiny ‘mosquito’ stung the 2nd tower. The second incident was captured by numerous cameras!
That day God ‘put on hold’ all laws of physics. The fuel in the aircraft was instrumental in melting good quality steel despite the clear evidence of low temperature black soot/ smoke. The steel in every nook and corner of the building began melting at the same time. The same process happened in about 100 lifts situated within the core of the building. That day God implemented several new laws as a result of which 2 lakh tonnes of steel started melting in a planned manner and another 4 lakh tonnes of concrete was ready to explode like massive Diwali Crackers. After contemplating for barely 40 minutes, 112 storied buildings first one, then second, were reduced to really nothing in as little time as taken by you to read a part of this sentence. Every one knows, when fire breaks out, columns of fire keep leaping up for quite some time and a steel building cannot melt like this! But who can tell God The Boss what to do and how to do anything. If tomorrow Boss starts melting pots on a stove, what can we do? It’s the Boss’s wish! Both the buildings instead of catching fire started exploding vertically. In every second 11 storeys exploded along with 100 lifts within them and in less than 10 seconds both the towers seemed to go down, but in actual fact 6 lakh tones of concrete and steel in each was exploded to fine dust. The dust enveloped whole of New York city causing choking to hundreds of thousands of people.


      One journalist threw a shoe at President Bush and was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for this crime. Poor Bush did not get anything. He worked very hard to plan war against Iraq and destroyed an entire nation. Because he could not find an Iraqi army to fight; he put to death fourteen lakh civilians (which is currently the population of Amritsar). He rendered fifty lakh people homeless and taught them to live together as refugees; forced thirty lakh civilian population to flee and find shelter in neighbouring countries and thereby establish better relations. He targeted people in universities, hospitals and science organizations especially those who could think/understand and consequently sent them to their heavenly abode. He offered the services of entire U.S. army for the welfare and security of Iraq. For such great achievements poor Bush got nothing. He left his unfinished work of 8 years to his successor Obama. His name is now added to the list of those presidents who fought the battle of Korea the battle of Vietnam, the battle of Afganistan and the battle of Kosovo and thus got their names stamped/engraved on the golden pages of history.

Toward Becoming A Super Power

      At this time, the population of India has crossed 114 crores. The politics of votes has forced all political parties to remain quiet on this issue. According to Nobel prize winner Amritya Sen: a nation can progress only if it’s priority is health and education.
The finance ministry is perched on a hot seat. A vast sum of money is required to run the problems ridden country. Our country’s entire budget is equal to approximately 60 billion dollars. One billion dollar is equal to 5000 crore rupees. The words “billion and dollar” are appropriate because it’s easy to confront/compare with other nations.
Any country’s strength can be measured in two ways: economic power and military power. Out of one 60 billion dollar budget, 19 billion dollar shall be spent this year to maintain military strength. The rest of the amount shall be used to run, expand and develop the government. machinery. It is approximately 550 dollars per Indian. Defense and government paypackets consume a lion’s share of the entire budget. Government may be of any political party, every budget keeps this share intact. Punjab’s budget is nearly 75 million dollar i.e. 70 dollars (3500 Rs.) per person for the whole year. Today there is no hesitation to admit that at the time of spending the allocated budget, the government machinery adopts corrupt means for personal benefit. There is no satisfactory improvement in the condition of the poor and common people; yes at the time of election they are offered some financial, material and intoxicating largesse’s!


      When I was a small boy, we all were given 3 vaccines: for typhoid-cholera and small pox. Nowadays, there are innumerable vaccines. As soon as a baby is born vaccination starts, proper records are maintained to ensure that every child undergoes all the recommended vaccinations.
Vaccines today can be equated to quackery. TV and newspapers are full of ads about vaccines. The history of vaccines is not simple. Many times not only have they proved ineffectual in arresting a disease but also have been instrumental in spreading those very disease.
In 1960 polio vaccine was discovered/manufactured in America which had a component in it called SV 40 virus that increases the possibility of cancer. By the time this fact came to light crores of children had been vaccinated with it.
In 1871-72, the entire population of England was given small-pox vaccine but 45000 people died of it even after vaccination. Similarly in Germany there were 125,000 deaths due to small pox.
Germany started diphtheria vaccine in 1940. Diphtheria deaths increased from 40,000 in 1945 to 2,50,000.


It is but logical that they would like to continue this war against terrorism from the heart of Kashmir. By now the sweet odour of hefty oil sources in Rajasthan must have reached the other side of the world. Instead of merely being happy we should do some introspection. Bush Obama Uncles open their coffers for their routine work like granting visas, easing trade relations and also doing a lot of charitable work in the host nation. They develop good financial ties with civil and military officers, senators, ministers and thus serve and guide that nation from the background. It seems there are strong ties of love with our neighbouring nation because the plan of building the world’s second largest embassy right behind the military headquarter, parliament, secretariat and the residence of the President of Pakistan is already underway. 18 Acres of land bought at a throwaway price shall house a center to control and command the entire nation from where news received from any corner shall be properly utilized. Bush nation has set an example of friendship and sacrifice in the case of setting up an embassy. President and Prime Minister of the host country should now fearlessly take a financial share of their nationalism and get busy in serving the nation; play golf and tour other countries and build properties. As long as they obey their “uncle” there shall be no threat to their chair or regime. Puppets and puppet-masters would now stay near each other. The country shall have a terrible stability and the entire nation shall work for the progress under the loving watchful eye of the parents-like uncles. Pilot-less predator aircrafts shall keep a loving vigil from the sky. In the recent past several people were killed by predator attackers when they were in their routine drill flights. Well, some mistakes can be committed by pilot-less aircrafts. After all they are machines. In future more care shall be taken ! This is the assurance of a great and powerful military machine to an ally nation. I wonder when was our neighbour free? It was always in the pocket of Obama country as an ally! Soon after 1947 it aligned with the military of dollar country and since then it has been a tail piece of America’s great buddy of SEATO, CENTO, MEDO and now NATO countries! As long as it’s a member of this block, it gets patted on the back and also gets arms and ammunition, some free and some for cash. The headache of keep up of army is also passed on to the dollar country and both repeatedly pledge to swim and sink together.


It is the same America which left no stone unturned to stop the revolutionary army of Mao. Till date it is using a part of China-Taiwan as its military base and that is a bone of contention between Taiwan and the rest of China.
On 30th sept hundreds of Chinese students and businessmen collected in Washington, the capital of U.S.A. to celebrate 60th anniversary of China’s Independence. They furled the Chinese- American national flags side by side in a park near the south of White House. It is first time in history that a Chinese flag was furled in the urban area of America’s capital.
America has been accusing Mao and communist China of killing crores of people in different movements within that country. Incidents of 1989 at Tianmin Square are repeatedly cited as violation of human rights. Though it never mentions 13 lakh innocent Iraqis killed by its own soldiers.
In mid 1950 South Korea and America attacked North Korea and almost destroyed it. Had 50000 strong Chinese army not entered to fight for North Korea it was the end for that country. They defeated U.S. forces and freed North Korea from its clutches. The war killed 45000 U.S. valiant army men and marines. China lost 18000 army men. Even Mao’s own son ‘Mao Yan Ying’ was killed. Later on it is the same China with whose help Ho Chi Minh’s peasant army destroyed America’s war machine and forced it to flee from Vietnam. An uncalled for attack on Vietnam by U.S.A. resulted in the death of 30 lakh civilians and left a trail of numberless people wounded and esippted badly. U.S.A. lost about 45000 soldiers in Vietnam and more than 2 lakh were wounded. How can America forget this defeat at the hands of Vietnam-China alliance?


Nothing can escape an eagle eye. Those whose job is to build high towers and demolish them when needed knew in first glance how on 9/11 these towers were made to fall. How can such acts be ignored by military experts of other nations especially from a supposed enemy nation?
U.S.A. did not build a memorial to 9/11 incident but Russia built a great memorial called ‘Tear drop’ in Harbour View Park in New Jersey. Its creator is Zorab Tussorti. It is a 100 feet high structure which has two tower like wounded columns that are connected to each other from top as well as bottom But in between the broken walls there is a huge vacant area enveloping the entire length. In this vacant space is hanging a big, shining tear made of a special metal, weighting 40 tons.
This memorial was dedicated to America on 11 sept, 2006. This occasion was attended by earlier President Bill Clinton and relatives of people killed in Twin Tower destruction. The foundation stone for this memorial was laid one year earlier (15 Sept, 2005) by Russian President Putin. On the base of this memorial are engraved the names of those who lost their lives in horrible explosions of 9/11.
Is the Russian memorial in accordance with the sentiments expressed by President G. Bush when he squarely blamed Bin Laden and his associates for toppling the World Trade Center ? It is written on this memorial:


The 110 storeyed twin towers (1 and 2) of World Trade Center were completed in 1971. For the next two years they maintained the world record of being the highest towers. Five more towers of much less height were also built. One tower no. 7 (47 storeyed ) is important because it is associated with 9/11.
All seven towers were government property. Barely two months before the 9/11 “unfortunate” but very obviously thoroughly planned incident, the government sold these towers to a man called Larry Silverstein, for 400 million dollars. The area of the towers measured in acres. The length and breadth of each tower was uniform 207 feet. As opposed to this a football court is 300 feet long and 180 feet broad . the area of a football ground is 54 thousands sq. feet whereas every tower’s ground area was 43 thousand sq. feet. It can be roughly said that each square tower measuring one football court , having 110 storeys and 1368 feet height seemed to touch the skies. One tower had and additional 400 feet high steel antenna weighing several hundred tones. Inside the towers there were 95 moving lifts. Every one knows how much concrete and steel is used into the walls surrounding the lifts. On the outer facade of this building very big decorative columns of aluminum alloy were fixed. What to say of the inner structure ? Each tower was constructed with 200,000 tonnes of special steel and 400,000 tonnes of concrete with the world’s best technology available at that time.


The horrendous incident of 11 Sept, 2001 is not such that you hear or read about it and then easily forget. The entire worlds’ heart beat is associated with it. Despite American Government’s utmost endeavour, the awarness/controversy surrounding this incident is increasing rather than decreasing. Scientists, engineers pilots, relatives of those killed in Twin Tower blasts, cum demolition rescue workers in the towers, even doctors and several architects organizations along with common civilians have started declaring in no uncertain terms, that the 9/11 report of American official. investigation agency is false, so fresh investigation should commence. The whole world knows from experience that government investigating agencies are used to push the truth under the carpet rather than bring it to light.


A threat from the grave, ever since Hamid Karzai has been annointed President of Afganistan by U.S.A., Osama Bin Laden’s video and audio tapes have been released at different places and times in a mysterious manner: the contents of these tapes become the headlines of newspapers and plunge the world into fear and consternation. American CIA every time vouches that these are authentic tapes.
CIA, a long time ago named its pet/asset/agent, Tim Osman. Under this name only Osama Bin Laden was given a grand tour of America and shown the military bases. He was once even taken to the White House. There can be no doubt he was a lap dog of CIA.
The family of Bin Laden had deep social and business relations with Bush family. His name was mentioned for the first time on 21st Aug, 1998. when President Clinton called him the coordinator of world terrorism. He declared that “Bin Laden has established many terrorists bases in Afganistan where thousands of terrorists are being trained. Bin Laden has links with Sudan factories too.”


When President Bush came to say goodbye to Iraq, a reporter Muntadar el Zaidi hurled shoe at him twice at the press conference. The whole world watched this episode on TV. This kind of behaviour with an honourable dignitary is deemed highly derogatory and insulting in India as well as in central Asian countries. On Dec 14, 2008, Bush and Noorie-el-malik (loyal Iraqi prime minister) were to sign an U.S.–Iraqi defence pact. This happy occasion came after 6 years of war and destruction in Iraq. The devastation still continues. It seems weird that a country that invaded another signs a mutual safety pact with its victim. Wow and the entire world either watches this drama mutely or applauds it !
President Bush at this fourth and last tour of Iraq said, “Defence pact is a great achievement but there is more work ahead. Elementary work is done and we shall jointly work to restore peace.” He further stated, “This pact  is a progressive step to help the Iraqi people and they can now be blessed to experience a free society. It was not an easy task but was necessary for the safety of America, expectations of Iraqis and for world peace.”


Daily we read about atom bombs and missiles but how many of us know how our own nuclear programme originated. It is an interesting story.
UNO was founded in 1945. Five countries were inducted in to the Security Council who are till date the exclusive permanent members. India was then a slave country. There was only one hope for India to become a member of SC but Churchill’s British Government opposed this move. As a result China, not India got the seat. Five members of SC were: Russia, China, France, U.K and U.S.A. All five first product atom bomb and then hydrogen bomb. Security Council in this way was transformed into an atomic or nuclear club. In 1970, Non-Prolifration Treaty was signed so that no other country should become an atomic power.
On attaining freedom, India understood that to become a world power it had to become an atomic/nuclear power. Indian scientist Raja Ramanna says,” there  was no debate on the issue whether atom bomb is to be made or not, the most important thing was how to make it. Reputation of Indian scientists was low; Western scientists had no respect for the caliber of our scientists . India felt that it was necessary to be an nuclear power to become a part of world deliberations so it became busy in this direction.


      Within three hours of the incident of drone/ (yes, they were drones) aircraft ramming into Twin Towers, the great organization of FBI presented the world with names, addresses and photos of three person who had allegedly master minded this incident. What  an efficient organization ! 18 of those hijackers were said to have come from Saudi Arabia. They had hijacked aircrafts and perpetrated the suicidal missions, the consequences of which the whole world is facing till today. Pre- prepared clips were shown on TV incessantly featuring slapping, dancing and rejoicing Muslims, setting fire to the American flag within minutes. A provocative stance developed in America . Bush government was right in assessing that Saudi  citizens and family members of Osama Bin Laden residing in America were in serious danger. So its Bush Government, not withstanding its own “tears”, diverted the entire energy in saving those innocents. The followers of Jesus Christ proved their merciful nature and farsightedness by this humanitarian  gesture !


America has already started preparing for another war. This time its target is Iran. Already it has started offering reasons to invade Iran as Bush had done before bombarding Iraq. Most people must have already forgotten that Bush had alleged that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and this propaganda was systematically done through media, press and T.V. This was faithfully represented by many governments and controlled media especially BBC. The British Prime Minister Tony Blair played a lead role in it. It was obvious that America’s charges against Iraq were baseless but no country of the world dared to express any such opinion openly. Many well known people at that time tried their best to dissuade America but failed. Our apostle of peace, Dalai Lama till date has not uttered a word against its benevolent, friendly nation America. As for media of our own country, it was not only passive but was most active in misleading Indian Public opinion by mirroring and creating hype about all news coming from vain Bush Government. Everyday our media is playing a negative role in case of Iran. Every news against Iran appears as headline, editorials are written to conceal the evil intentions of U.S.A. and Israel. Public opinion is being generated against Iran. What is the stand of our government in view of impending attack on Iran by America- Israel? We don’t know. The “power” projecting our country as the future super power has sealed our lips.


Imagine our own dear child, son or daughter is taken away by some invader and made to work in bondage/slavery without any mention of his/ her being dead or alive for years, how will the devastated parents feel? When invaders through Khyber pass used to come and take away our men and women as slaves how the blood of those that remained behind boiled? In the end their progeny put an end to Khyber escapades. Whatever has happened in the land of Punjab has become a part of our prayers and our breadth. We have primarily/ basically started thinking about freedom and an end to all wars and destruction.
The kind of education imparted in our schools and colleges and the people who thus get busy in their personal/ professional life and spend only tiny fraction of their time to understanding the story of ‘human’ can not comprehend the business of slavery. People of all religions (keeping their own kith and kin in mind) offer prayers for universal peace and well being only as a lip service. They do not have a broad vision. Sometimes there is a news that so many bonded labourers were set free from some place in India that included so many women and children But we have become so immune/insulated that we do not spare a second thought for such bonded/enslared people mentioned in the news.


Two super powers came in the open after the second world war : “capitalist” America and “socialist” Soviet Union .During 1939-1945 second world war,13 % of Russians were killed and its European part was totally destroyed. A race of weapons started between America and Russia. America had destroyed two cities of Japan with atom bomb. Its military  and political leaders wanted to take over Soviet  Union too, but like today ‘s poor nation ,North Korea, the bankrupt Russia of that time succeeded in making an atom bomb (1949) and successfully tested hydrogen bomb (1953), just one year after U.S.A. Soviet Union was the first to launch a satellite. In 1949 North Korea that got liberated from Japan but was attacked by U.S.A., under the gard of U.N. When U.S. was about to win, Chinese forces entered across Yalu river and defeated the invading U.S. army. American people were told that this war was to restrict communism. From 1953 onwards there is warlike state in Korea, and the armies on both sides are ever on alert .France had full control over Vietnam since ages which continued after the 2nd world war when colonialism all over was coming to an end. Ho Chi Min’s farmer guerilla army were able to defeat French army and liberate Vietnam. In 1964 U.S.A. declared that the defeat of the French was a blot on capitalist group of countries and locked horns in the battle that continued for 10 long years in Vietnam. Eventually they were thrown out of Vietnam. This miraculous would not happened without Russian help to Ho Chi Minh. The American giant suffered humiliating defeat and went back to its prosperous land but poor Soviet Union became bankrupt while helping the cause of Vietnam.


Pope of Vatican is the highest religious leader in hierarchy of Roman Catholics. It seems Obama has offended the Christian world by some of his anti-catholic views and policies, even then Vatican has welcomed the award being given to Obama.There is a secret bonding between Obama and Vatican: that is, similarity of views on new world regime!!
When President Barak Husain Obama received Nobel peace prize, people in different countries expressed their views both in favour and against the step. Extensive science committees have been formed to decide the prize of science departments; but for peace prize only a group of 5 Swedish politicians has the ultimate say in the matter. One of the committee members observed “President Obama has been able to bring hope to people for a better future and given rise to a new atmosphere in international politics”. Our Country too, like other nations, sent a warm congratulatory note to President Obama .it is a ritual for every government.


 In April 1978 I boarded Afghan Airline to go to London. The flight took off from Amritsar and had a stopover at Kabul. One could go to London after overnight stay in Kabul. Several slogans were written for public at the airport and I had an opportunity to visit markets of Kabul. The environment was really peaceful. Shopkeepers spoke several languages viz English, French and German. I savoured luscious kinoos and tasty dates. The hotel in which airline made us stay was average and so was the food. Next morning again I saw a bit of Kabul, boys and girls going to school in groups, woman roaming  freely, a few were in “burqa”. It seemed the country was on the road to progress and enjoyed peace.
At that time a Soviet supported party was in power in Afghanistan. America was then planning to topple this government and create Vietnam war like situation to create problem for Soviet Russia. This program had already started in 1978. At this time of President Jimmy Carter, the plan of his chief defence advisor Berzinsky was already underway.


      Taliban and Osama bin Laden were responsible for the unrest and war in Russia’s semi-autonomous state Chechnia. Both were allies of America’s indirect war. Main oil pipe lines of Russia passed from this route so it was of utmost importance for Russia’s survival. It was evident Russia will never let it go even at a high cost of loss of life and money. Now there is ‘peace’ in Chechnia.
ISI was to be used after Soviet debacle. Taliban were spread in Central Asia, Balkan and Southern Asia. After disintegration of Soviet Union, 6 new Muslim countries were created in Central Asia. After Soviet army withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989. Indirect war in Afghanistan continued. With help from Taliban, a political party J.U.I (Jamaitul-Ulemai Islam) in 1993 became a part of Benazir Bhutto’s ministerial setup. Every need of Taliban was funded by ISI under guidance from CIA. It was fully aware of the atrocities on woman and inhuman acts perpetrated by Taliban. America was using such Islamic setup for its own vested interest. Money from massive heroin trade was used by Bosnia and Kosovo to purchase American weapons for war in Chechnia.


“Our target is clear: create divide among nations through political, economic, social and religious means; equip warring parties with arms and ammunition; plan incidents that result in deadly confrontation between them; topple governments of nations, destroy religious institutions and in the end let them kill each other”.
To implement this target 2000 men were recruited with finest brains and closely associated with art, literature, research science, economics and industry, Such handpicked agents were given the following instructions:
1.   To control top rung officials of all governments through bribe or sex services. Once such persons are lured, never let them go. They are to be blackmailed through financial bankruptcy, social expose, or life threat to them and their families.
2.   To keep on eye on intelligent children from good families in various colleges and universities. They should be impressed upon that all wars can be ended if there is rule of one government in the whole world. Scholarships for their higher studies shall be organized by us.


People who regularly surf the internet are all aware that Osama Bin Laden died on 13th Dec, 2001. The so called Osama video tapes were suspect from the very beginning. Al-Jazzira TV channel which shows such tapes is located near an American base in Qatar. Can Al-jazzira dare to annoy America sitting so close to it? Infact this channel is under total control of America and Britain President Bush has been using the ghost of Bin Laden for his political purposes and also to befool the rest of the world. But thanks to internet the world is not so foolish. I was sure in 2002 only that Bin Laden is dead,; I didn’t have any revelation; I discovered it like crores of other people on internet.
What was the impact of Bin Laden’s death on Bush agenda?
Well he had to continue his policy of war by gagging American TV and newspapers. Fake tapes of Bin Laden sealed the lips of American citizens. Military-industry complex did not bother about the adverse view point of people or countries. It was the most powerful need of the super-imperialist country. All American senators and highly placed officials know very well that Osama is dead but they sing the same tune as President Bush, whether they belong to his party or not. Alternate media commentators have always been saying that there is only a single party in U.S.A. having two faces as two sides of a coin.

The Other Aspect

Today’s common man whether literate or semi-literate is busy in earning his livelihood and at the same time exposed to a variety of influences. Educated man in his free time reads the whole newspaper every day. Moreover TV news, reports and advertisements invade every nook and corner of his brain. The commentary accompanying the film repeatedly invades the mind and whatever little thinking power the common man possesses is abandoned to believe TV talk, printed word of newspaper and daily propaganda as the ultimate truth. It seems the sea of humanity is converted into a bunch of sheep from pedestrian to car-borne man. They mouth the same sentiments as fed on news, comments and advertisements. The rich and the poor speak the same language. When people on extreme ends echo the same thoughts like a gramophone record then they deem themselves intellectuals. It is difficult for them to understand that some news juggler is befooling them or has already befooled them. Their sense of discriminating between truth and lie has already been killed in the flood of news. Someone’s vested interest is behind every news or advertisement be it from social, industrial, literary, military or political field or be it associated with science, health or education. Every news has a motive that is higher and inaccessible for us. These super powers create a web that does not allow us to use our intellect or differentiate between right and wrong.